Our Infertility Journey – Part 3: IVF / ICSI – Egg Collection, Fertilisation & More Waiting

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I awoke from surgery to find the number ‘19’ taped to the inside of my right hand – the number of eggs they’d collected (this was a lot apparently).  I was well looked after the whole time, and it was a very quick process.  It was quite a quick trip really.  Once I’d had something to eat and drink (I was ravenous!) I was good to go.  I felt great straight away, so much so that we went shopping for a substantial lunch and to buy a special teddy bear for our baby ‘Mini’.  I felt totally fine.

The clinic called later that afternoon to advise that out of the 19 eggs collected, they’d injected sperm into 13 of them.  The rest were not mature enough.  Those were still really good figures.  Between 50 – 70% generally fertilise and they’d call again tomorrow with an update.

I spoke to my local clinic later and the nurse was pleased I was feeling well, but advised me (as they had earlier) to have heat packs on standby and to take panadol every 4 hours as needed “once the anesthetic wears off”… The following morning however my mum came over to ‘nurse’ me and stood there stunned when I met her at the door then ran off down the corridor to answer my ringing mobile phone!  Never did I suffer any cramping or need any heat packs or pain killers (and they expected my pain to be significant because I’d had so many eggs taken out…I’d been warned of that a few times).  I still had a relaxing day, just because I could, and enjoyed watching a movie with mum (‘The Back Up Plan with Jennifer Lopez – kind of appropriate!)

I received a call to advise that 10 of the eggs had fertilised – YIKES!  But, they assured me, there was still a long way to go and that number would still drop significantly (hubby and I had chosen not to ‘limit’ how many eggs were fertilised, but intended to at some point use every single one of them – but 10 certainly still gave us a shock ha ha!).  They would call again on Thursday with an update.  I ran our church home group that night as normal and no one would have guessed what we’d been through!

On Thursday the clinic called to advise the 10 cells or whatever you want to call them were still plodding along doing their thing – YIKES again!  We were consistently above average, above the norm, every step of the way!  The nurses were pleased because it meant they were pretty hopeful to have one good one to transfer on Saturday.  Meanwhile, hubby & I were thinking we could possibly have 10 kids!!!

They were looking for the cells to behave in certain ways though, to become blastocysts (an embryo which has developed to the point of having 2 different cell components and a fluid cavity).

On the Saturday we went back to the same clinic and this time were admitted to a sterile laboratory style room.  Before we could go into the actual room we had to cover everything with protective coverings: clothing, shoes, hair – we looked a sight!

Again, it was a very quick procedure.  There was 1 doctor and a scientist/lab technician working in the lab next door where they showed us on a screen the blastocyst they’d chosen for us which was pretty cool.  We saw him suck it into a syringe of sorts, then he came from next door into our room and gave it to the doctor who inserted it a very long way.  This was my poor hubby’s first experience of another man being around my private parts, which he wasn’t too comfortable with!  That was it!  We were told they had a potential 5 – 6 blastocysts they were considering freezing, but they’d know more tomorrow and they’d give us a call to let us know.  We wanted to make the time special (because let’s face it, what we’d just experienced was not exactly how you ever plan on ‘making a baby’!) so went to a National Park for some morning tea and a stroll which was just lovely, prior to attending a 5 year olds birthday party back near home.  We even went out for dinner that night – we were all about celebrating!!!

Then, the waiting game began.  Just like every other month!  Only this time we at least knew there was an embryo within me.  The question was, of course, would it take?  Would it go the distance?  We received a call the following day to tell us they’d frozen 4 embryos.  Hubby breathed an audible sigh of relief and said “Now I’m a happy man!” – secretly he’d been panicking about fathering 7 children, but 5 he felt was much more manageable lol!  We knew we still had a long way to go, but I think we were quietly confident.

10 days into the waiting game and no ‘tell-tale’ signs of pregnancy.  We’d been advised not to do any at-home tests so I needed to go in for a blood test and we’d receive ‘the call’ later that afternoon with ‘the news’.

I had been really excited but as the time drew nearer I certainly became more anxious and nervous… of course I was thrilled to not be feeling nauseous or anything if I were to be pregnant, but it’s just so hard not having a clue what’s going on inside your own body!  Plus I was concerned that, even if I were to receive great news, what we’d been waiting years for, I’d still worry and be anxious until the 12 week ‘safe’ mark…

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