Birth Affirmations & Visualisations

Visualisation can be a powerful tool both in preparation for, and during, the birthing process.  Reciting positive birth affirmations, like mantras, can help you to feel calm, confident & capable.  When you’re perhaps feeling a little frazzled, overwhelmed or off course, they can help you to re-focus and bring you back.  I encourage you to take time regularly in the lead up to your birth to take these in, absorb them, commit them to memory. Choose some favourites and have them on-hand, whether in paper/photo form (you’re most welcome to print) or digitally.  These have all been taken from our Instagram account which has been designed specifically as an easily accessible tool for you to assist with your journey any time, any where.  On Instagram, you’ll also find most contain a short comment providing further information or encouragement.

I’ve read posts about ‘the problem with birth affirmations’ and it comes back again to the same concern I always encounter in my work with The Birthing Journey.  As I seek to educate, empower and encourage women, the flip side says we can get women’s hopes & expectations too high, thus the further the fall if their birthing experience doesn’t play out the way they’d ‘planned’.  By now you’ll know that my belief is that any birth is a successful birth.  A healthy bub and a healthy mum, that is the absolute priority.  We can’t control everything and we don’t know the kind of birth we will have until we’ve had it.  You’ll also know though that I truly believe it is better to send a woman into birth calm, quietly confident, well informed, prepared and excited.  That is always my no. 1 goal and I believe this will help her throughout the entire journey, no matter how it unfolds.


Carinya xoxo