“Thank you Carinya! I am a first time mum & had so much fear about birth. I read everything you wrote & learnt so much. I said no to horror stories even though friends & family wanted to tell me everything. I took raspberry leaf tea, used the EPI-NO & tried my best to trust my body to do it’s thing. I also felt empowered to make decisions on how I wanted to birth despite having a pushy midwife who informed me ‘I don’t do water births’. I had a beautiful water birth! Calm & joyful &, thanks to the EPI-NO, I had only a graze.

Now I send your blog to my friends who are struggling with infertility or are about to have a baby and hope that they learn as much as I did.”

Dana R.

“I wish you could know how grateful I am for the time you took to speak to me. It was the encouragement I needed to pursue IVF but most importantly enjoy myself in life again. Your ministry was so valuable to me. It really restored a hope that seemed to be failing and near lost because of fear of the unknown.  Thank you for everything Carinya.”
Jess F.
“You have given me hope for our next cycle. I’m scared, excited and so unsure but I’m hopeful that if it’s meant to be it will be. Thanks again for sharing and congrats on your beautiful babies.”
Georgia W.
“Carinya, after your post a couple months back I got my hands on some hypnobirthing material, we couldn’t attend the workshops but that alongside other things definitely made this labour so much easier and quicker! Thank you for sharing your story xxxx” (She gave birth in the car on the way to hospital!)
Josie T.
“Refreshing to not be given the lollipops & rainbows gloss-over, but the true gift of insight into people’s tenacity in authenticity.  Thank you for being real. The world needs that dearly.  Be blessed, you are blessing many others.”
Alex S.
“I had 5 relatively pain free births, which I loved – I have always wanted to share my experience – I loved every minute and I agree with you it doesn’t have to be a painful, scary, dramatic experience. The midwife I had at all my births used to tell me I was the most relaxed looking mother she had ever seen… I am excited to hear I have a kindred spirit in you with the child birth experience – I hope more women can experience what we did!!!
Janet O.